CHEEZITS party mix in a bag with other crunchy crap
I could really get down with some cheezits chex mix right now, home slice.
by mr cheezits November 02, 2006
Top Definition
Contrary to what most people believe, Chex Mix is a lifestyle, not a food. Having a 'Chex Mix' lifestyle means that you are a radiant, globular conglomeration of suavity.
Guy 1: Hey, see that dude over there chugging that Chex Mix?
Guy 2: Yeah...?
Guy 1: Isn't he awesome?!
Guy 2: Hell yeah!
by Joeseph-Anthony January 14, 2013
The all that is holey snack you eat at every second of the day.
I had the best, most heavenly bag of Chex Mix. Afterwords I creamed myself.
by Randinator December 06, 2006
a cocktail of stimulants, usually ritalin and adderall conveniently bundled for one's consumption.
"yo, i'm still geekin' off that chex mix!"
by m to the aysa April 08, 2008
An orgy with multiple races.
That chex mix last night was insane.
by Jane Design July 23, 2012
A clusterfuck of deliciousness.
That Chex Mix just made me orgasm in my mouth.
by Sir Phillip I April 16, 2010
A person who looks mexican but has chinese lookin eyes.
Dude, is he Mexican or Chinese?
Fuck, I don't know he's Chex Mix
by The Red Eye Bear Clown July 31, 2008
1.To have or to make sex with another
2.A very intense one night stand
3.a food made out of chex, and other grain-like foods
4.The act of being textable.
1.Dear sir, will you chexmix me tonight?
2.When your a rocker, you have lots of chexmix.
3.Damn, this is good chexmix
4.I wander if she is chexmixable?
by Synful Rage July 27, 2008
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