the greatest manufacturer of any automobile on earth
your ford F-350 will get ran over by my cavalier
by levi May 18, 2004
The biggest peice of shit car to ever be made. One which when hits a mild turn rolls at first turn of the wheel crushing everyone inside with its dodgey interior. A car for anyone with no actual knowledge of auto mobiles who whenever they see a car on the street shout out the name of the model pronouncing it entirely incorrect. A car for dirty rednecks with an IQ of 54.
Hey Rob look its a piece of shit on wheels.
No George dont be silly thats a CHEVROLET!
by george simpson June 18, 2008
Disambiguation of Chevrolet, an American "automobile" manufacturer. Used as an acronym by those that think Chevrolets are transportation that's about as reliable as a mongoloid anorexic horse with dysentery. Is loosely related to F.O.R.D.: such as First On Race Day; however those same individuals who prefer the C.H.E.V.R.O.L.E.T brand would try and tell you it was Fixed Or Repaired Daily, or it was a Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge. But fuck them instead. H.angs E.very V.alve R.attles L.eaks E.ngine T.humps:

Phil: Why, Bob, is that a new car in your driveway.
Bob: Yes, Phil, it is. This is my new Chevy. Purty, ain't she?!?
Phil: Ohhhh, you bought a C.H.E.V.R.O.L.E.T.
Bob: Uh, yeah!
Phil: Sweet, OK, so I'm gonna go get a set of jumper cables so we can start it, a pistol to blow your brains out for being so stupid as to buy such a vehicle, and a bottle of Scotch for medicinal purposes subsequent to you using your brain and skull to redecorate the interior of that shit machine. I'll be back in a jiffy!
by b_sack October 28, 2007
The best, fastest, highest performance, smoothest running,not sounding like a sewing machine piece of shit Ford, car and/or engine on the planet as long as it was made before 1978.
True Story: My dad gave me a 1973 Chevrolet Blazer with 4-wheel drive and full removable top all the way back from the top of the windshield like a convertible car. This early SUV, because of its era, is equipped with a real engine, not some little momma's boy 6 banger or 4 banger child's toy. This truck has a 1968 Chevy Camaro 350cc V8 in it that has all the same parts that it had the very day it was shipped from the factory 40 years ago. When I recieved it it had sat in a field with no hood for 15 years and not been started once, let alone ran or driven. I went out and replaced the battery and started the truck the same day I got it and it ran like it was brand new after 25 years of service and 15 years of outright neglect. I've been driving it for a year now and all ive done since then is replace the oil and Im about to give it a tune up.

(Ford never made anything like the older Blazer with a fully removable top except their ugly ass Bronco and only 2 models of them have that. Fucking piecer, they've got the wheel base of a Sherman tank, you can take a wide corner at 30 with the piece of shit and it'll damn near flip.) So for all of you who still want to say that Ford (who by the way was a racist, a segregationist and anti American supporter of Hitler, whose tanks were built by none other than Ford motor company)is better I have only one thig to say; prove it.
by AJ 18 January 03, 2008

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