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Constantly Having Every Vehicle Recalled Over Lousy Engineering Techniques

Some cars from Chevrolet are nice like the C6 Corvette, but most of them are just...junk!!!
by import_killer March 07, 2006
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Cracked Heads, Every Vavle Rattles, Oil Leaks, Engine Ticks
redneck 1: Man this truck needs some work

Redneck 2:Like what?

Redneck 1: CHEVROLET repairs
by Wesley115 October 14, 2008
Do you know what a Daewoo car is? I'll tell you what they are, they're a big pile of shit.

And I'll tell you why Daewoo cars are crap too. In Japan, making a car is an exercise in science and efficiency, constantly striving for a better car in which ever way possible. The Europeans design cars with passion, whether it be German engineering or Italian flair for design.

However, in Korea, they're viewed as fridges. As anonymous mass produced white goods. There is no passion for the car, they just knock em out fast and cheap. There's no need to design these cars, they'll just go for whatever is cheapest.

That is the reason why Daewoo cars are a bag of bollocks. Everyone in Britain knows this, so what did General Motors do? They rename Daewoo to Chevrolet. Check it out on Google, look for Chevrolet's European site, there's no corvette there unlike the american one, but there is the shitcart that is the Daewoo Matiz. Wait, I mean Chevrolet Matiz.

So apparently, by defiling the name of the trustworthy American car manufacturer, General Motors believes that it'll con us into buying their tripe. Every time a new Chevrolet is sold, a person is conned out of their money for some poor quality Korean merchandise.

And that's why I've written this definition, for anyone who doesn't know. Stay away from Chevrolet cars in Europe, they're fucking shit.
Hey Mike, I just got a new Chevrolet Corvette, it's well nice.

Oh wait, I'm in the UK, so it's just a Corvette, you know, GM had to drop the Chevrolet label on that car so it wouldn't be confused with the turd on wheels cars they sell over here.
by bastardo_bill March 01, 2005
The largest brand of General Motors and one of the greatest automobile brands ever created. It is often mocked for being a low-quality brand which is a common myth associated with American cars. "Chevys" are known for producing high-powered muscle cars, dependable pickups and SUVs, and now the most fuel-efficient compact cars on the road. They are produced with the same amount of quality and effort you will find in any Toyota, Honda, or Ford.
1st guy: I just got a new Toyota Corolla! It gets 34 mpg on the highway!

2nd guy: That's great man! My Chevrolet Cruze gets 42 mpg on the highway. I just traded my Corolla for it. You know, I wanted to save money on gas and all that.
by Firehawk2410 June 18, 2012
Constantly Having Every Vehicle Recalled Over Lousy Engineering Techniques

yes there cars look cool. ex. cobalt ss, corvette, camaro, and impala's.

yet the least relaible cars ever manufactured.
I have had all my buddies say after owning there chevy they have problems then they buy something else and the problamo is solved.
my chevrolet corvette smoked that stang. but I blew a fucking gasket

my cobalt ss just wrecked that srt4. but when i drove it days later the fucking clutch blew out
by Ry Sandeezy April 26, 2010
cheap, hardly efficient, virtually runs on luck every time
that guy looks cool in his queer ass chevrolet camaro
by nick September 11, 2003
Cheap Heap Every Valve Rattles Oil Leaks Every Time
How many old chevrolets do you see on the road compared to old fords? Not many because they are junk!
by Brian April 27, 2004

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