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Contrary to prior belief Cheva does not mean marijuana in most well versed drug circle. To save people the trouble of embaressing themselves I will help! Cheva refers to Heroin. It is spanish slang for heroin, if one goes up to any hispanic drug dealer and asks for cheva 9.9 times out of 10 they will give you heroin.(marijuana is mota)
Scenario 1 Addict:Hey dude can you hook that tar homes?

Undercover:Your under arrest fucking junkie!!!
Scenario 2 Addict:Hey Jose can you hook that cheva home

Jose: Yea it's right here homes
by Black Tar Gsta August 21, 2010
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a guy who has a girlfriend and who other girls need to get the fuck over it because they've already fucked him plenty.
Person A: omg did you hear she likes chevas??
Person B: well he has a girlfriend and she's a dumb bitch so of course she does!
by Uraduh mbitch March 29, 2011
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The guy that will take your heart and then leave. But you know he loves you. No matter what anyone else says, you will love him too. There will be one girl that has an attachment to him in a way nobody else does. He's super hot, and any girl would be lucky to have him. Just because he dates a girl doesn't mean he likes her, he's always horny and is great in bed. Things can get heated between him and the one he loves very quickly and easily. He knows how to please a girl. Probably the nicest sweetes guy you'll ever meet, but only when you really get to know him. He'll take your heart and keep it forever, but the ones that get truly hurt are the ones he loved the most. He's not good with relationships but you will spend nights crying alone when he hurts you. He's a sex monster, and can change any girl into one instantly.
Just Chevas.
by Luke Stenberg. November 15, 2010
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Yo, we smoked like an eigth of cheva last night. We got blazed as shit.
by Mury May 27, 2006
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