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Cherry Montclair is that bangin bitch stealing perky nana bars from the 7-11 to trade for crack at her boyfriends later.

Heroin chic got nothin' on Cherry dolls LA Stripper vibe, her entire life being a bad fashion moment that for some reason turns you on.

Usually seen in crack dens sitting on the knee of the biggest daddy in the room, think Mickey Rourke on a bad day in cut-off denim shorts and wife-beater, in 40 degree heat and ten days since his last rendezvous with a razor.

Cherry loves frills, shine, gloss and candy floss.

Partial to a slight gag and an angelic tear in the bedroom, Cherry doesn't understand boys, so she hangs out with her Daddy and shoplifts g-bangers at Target.
Hey I heard Cherry Montclair fucked your boyfriend. You must be pissed, that's like the third one of your boyfriends in a row now, do you think maybe she's trying to piss you off?
by Mz. Itz March 30, 2011
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