While drinking at the bar and hitting on a someone you may ask her/him to do a "cherry kiss" providing you have a cherry available. Depending on if s/he likes cherries or not, either you or s/he will hold the cherry by the stem with the cherry close to the lips. The person not holding it will then eat the cherry.
Do you want to cherry kiss?
by max echo June 14, 2010
Connecting the lit end of a friend's cigarette to the unlit end of your cigarette, and inhaling so as to light your cigarette without the need of a lighter.
Hey man, you got a lighter?
Nah, but here, let me cherry kiss it for you.
Thanks, bro.
by Myr McCheese March 17, 2010
When a male performs oral sex on a girl while she is having her period
How was insert name last night. Good, i gave her a cherry kiss.
by andy. January 19, 2006
When a guy sucks on a girl's ear and gets a bloody nose while doing it.
Having a cherry kiss incident is definetely something you'll tell your grandkids.
by Ethereal Branches September 30, 2006

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