a spliffin' burcha!
dat hoe so cherise, she don't even knooooow
by JAESHKAH September 03, 2008
Top Definition
the best fucking friend anyone could ask for.. charistmatic, energetic, optomistic and has a heart of pure gold! she makes her best friends life make sense.
That Cherise, she's the bestest.
by Meggers420 February 03, 2010
the best girlfriend on the planet!!!
i fell in love with cherise because of her great qualities
by jeran June 14, 2008
The most amazing girl in the world! she'll make your day just by saying good morning. This girl is usually sought after by Michael's. She may not see it herself, but she is a very beautiful girl who catches the eye of all who pass, and she is the definition of perfect.
DUDE! look at Cherise, isn't she perfect?
by Michaellovescherise December 07, 2010
girl with some grooves
and some hot tata's
damn, that cherise is smokin!!!!!!!!!
by 2cool2betruehooo January 01, 2008
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