The white trash version of a hispanic person. Usually El Salvaodorian or Honduran. Can be seen hanging out in front of a store for days at a time or seen at any Construction site. They have been known to drive civics and carollas fron 1987 and rudley holla at females in classes ways.
-I need to find some workers that to help build that addition so ill roll down to the southside and pick up some chents.
-Some chents just tried to holla at your girl. it was hilarious.
by DRewSaysThis April 15, 2006
Top Definition
Is an abbreviated slang term used to describe someone who is or acts like someone from "el campo" or is a country person. Although sometimes thought as being a male or female from El Salvador, this term can be used to describe anyone who is of Hispanic decent that would fall under this definition.

A few characteristics that someone who is called a Chent posses may include, not being fully educated or lacks common sense or is not fully diverse or ignorant in pop culture, specifically American pop culture. A Chent usually will stay focused on his/her culture and not divulge too much in another culture's offerings.
Emerson is such a Chent because all he listens to is Spanish music and nothing but that.
by playa5000 August 24, 2006
Any gross hispanic male that whistles and hollers at anything with two legs a vagina and makes you feel so dirty and disgusted you need to go home and shower for three days straight.
"Today a bunch of chents were leering at me so I went home and showered."
by Striddle April 04, 2005
Sometimes spelled "Chente", Chent is a person of a Latin American country who has immigrated to the U.S. but has not assimilated to the culture of the area that he has immigrated to.

A real chent cannot speak fluent English or has a strong accent when speaking English. They also tend to be near people from their original country. They will only talk in English when necessary.

Most chents will try to "holler" at any female they see. Whistling as well as saying Spanish phrases such as "Coño" "Mira esa jeva" "La quiero pisar" etc. are very common for them to do.

Chents dress in different styles, but their personalities stand them out.

Chents usually hang out around Garden Apartments, Hispanic bars and restaurants where they drink and blast "Ranchera" music. "Reggaeton" & "Bachata" is another favorite when dealing with the younger chents.

Chents are seen driving old beat up cars from Honda, Toyota and Nissan. Rarely do they drive cars not made by those companies. The cars are usually given petty modifications to try to make them look decent.

Chents usually live in Metro areas such as the DC Metro area (where the term originated). They either live in the city or in a suburb of the Metro area.

Most people confuse chents with illegal immigrants because of their similar characteristics, but most chents hold a green card. Many people call others a chent without truly knowing the meaning. To properly identify a chent they have to show more than one quality of chent behavior.
A real chent will drive a 91 Honda Accord with paint oxidation, rust, dings, dents and torn interior but will put a system in the car and drive while blasting obnoxious music. Having a "fart can" or a "spoiler" is optional. Bondo gray may be on parts of the car.

An assimilated Hispanic would drive a 91 Honda Accord, but would fix the car up tastefully to have a show car and future classic when it reaches 25 years of age. Sound system is optional. Most assimilated Hispanics are diverse and would drive more than a Honda.

A real chent can be spotted drinking Corona around the local Hispanic food restaurant buying half of the obnoxious songs in the jukebox They would also hit on the waitresses and leave extremely drunk.

An assimilated Hispanic would go to the local Hispanic restaurant eat and tip the waitress the normal 15%. Drinking would be done in moderation if at all. They may or may not use the jukebox to buy a song or two so long its not "Ranchera".

A real chent would hang out outside their housing complex and drink (Corona) with their group (chents) while heckling the other residents of the complex. (usually female in attempts to get laid).

An assimilated Hispanic would hang out with a variety of friends doing healthy activities and trying new customs. In the dating scene, most are respectful people who are looking for a long term relationship.

"Assimilated Hispanic" refers to those whom have truly assimilated or grew up with the culture of their Residential area.
by 14th Street DC May 18, 2010
a hispanic latino person who acts like a str8 up hispanic a REAL FOB {fresh off the boat} thinks he's the shit and does not know the correct way of speaking.
usually wears southpole and baggy clothing
A chent beaner , usually a gang member , hispanic high school student or a old hispanic male
by a very botherd high class spic February 15, 2011
Sum1 of Hispanic origin Usual from El Salvador or Honduras.
dey de guyZ that Holla and whistle at anything w/ titieZ and Booty
Ladies Ya'll No what im talking bout
Usually an insult
u see dem chents leering at us?
by SexShi MAmi April 02, 2004
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