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(Adj.) Someone who's sexual and/or romantic attraction is solely based and/or allowed by the chemistry shared with another regardless of gender or even lifeform.

It is most noticeable in bisexuals as they will prefer relations with one gender over another based on the chemistry shared.

Often confused with asexuality when the individual stops having chemistry with others.

The opposite of this would be someone who only has a romantic or sexual relationship only driven by physical attraction with no emotional side on the matter or chemistry.
My chemosexuality wont let me have random sex.

I have been with girls but I'm such a chemosexual for guys, It just flows natural.

I don't care how hot he is I don't like him, maybe im being a chemo about it.

You're such a chemo!
by SefSpam April 01, 2013
Someone who is sexually and/or romantically attracted to a chemical (such as a drug)
I heard that new girl is literally in love with cocaine....she has to be chemosexual.
by rollatini October 03, 2011
addicted to cleaning the house loves the smell of bleach, pre occupied with cleaning products
her toilet was so fresh it was like it had been attacked by a bunch of chemosexuals.

she is is so hooked on polishing im sure shes a chemosexual

as in the songs "chemosexual healing" by daz and the launderettes Robert |Palmers "Addicted to Dove" "Flash ah ah saviour of the universe", " I can't get no Dazifaction",
by tony aka napoleon January 04, 2008
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