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- A party at Kohl's house, where he invites his two (2) friends and ten (10) other people.
-A party lacking the prescence of women; One step below a Star Trek geek dance party
-An anology created by Mr. Kohl to explain chemical equilibruim and the effects of changing different elements of the chemical system.
Theo: Hey, do you want to go to the Chemistry Dance Party at Kohl's house?
Sally: No thanks, besides...I'm a girl

Star Trek nerd 1: Hey, I heard there was a Chemistry Dance Party at Kohl's house. Do you want to crash it wearing full Starfleet uniforms?
Star Trek nerd 2: I'll pass...besides, at least we have females at our party.
Star Trek nerd 1: You mean female...we have one female...after all, someone needs to play the role of Uhura.
#kohl #chemistry dance party #chemistry #southeastern michigan #star trek nerds
by JSck April 13, 2007
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