A close friend with whom you take mind altering substances. This frienship is often strenghtened by a strong psychic connection, caused by hallucinogenic and euphoric drugs.
a.k.a. "Drug Buddy"
When I was having a bad trip, My chemical brother John came along and helped me relax.
by CRWK March 21, 2006
Top Definition
Musical artists who cannot be described in genre. They are a blend of rock,progressive,techno,dj,electronica and more. Their music has a psycadelic airiness to it. True inovators.
"Surrender is perhaps the greatest Chemical Brothers albums."
by Jay A April 22, 2003
To be able to enjoy "The Chemical Brothers" one should have at least a pair of 70-80 watt hifi speakers. And a good sofa or bed to feel the bass all on your body .
We should seeeeeeeee what i feeeeeeeeeel, we should takeeeeeeee what i takeeeee(The Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar - 6:27)
by piku October 25, 2006
two guys named tom and ed who essentially founded a variation of electronica known as "big beat" in the 90's. however, many beleive that the group cannot be classified into one specific genre, and their music is eclectic and shows influences from places outside of electronic music (such as rock and even hip-hop).

their first few albums displayed huge amounts of creativity and originality (such as "dig your own hole" and "surrender") that obviously could not be sustained for very long. i beleive they have passed their prime; and they know it, so they are currently collaborating with other artists, and the music they do now sounds almost nothing like their past.
the crystal method, fatboy slim, and the chemical brothers are all credited with the foundation of "big beat"

one song of theirs that became really popular was "block rockin' beats".
by karl June 28, 2005
Artist who blend industrial metal and techno together.
The Chemical Brothers are some of the greatest artists ever!
by Max September 15, 2003
possibly the most braindead species on the planet

Illiterate gumby
chem: I am not Billy. I am chemicalbrother.

you: Fuck up Billy

by reptiles January 05, 2006
A Drum N' Bass duo that anyone can listen to.
Chemical Brothers, Spinning the finest in Titanium Dioxide and Tetrabutyl Pentaerythrityl Hydroxhydrocinnamate.
by Brisk July 17, 2004
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