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A community college in Oregon where one might find screaming babies, old people, cholo's, tweakers, and lines in the financial aid office but one will WITHOUT FAIL find nerds in building 2 playing magic the gathering, and in building 3 playing WoW or Starcraft. Where one can go to school to save a lot of money on your first 2 years of undergrad.

A typical community college.

Has a nursing program, dental hygiene program with a dental office, automotive program with an auto shop, and firefighting program with a real fire station.

Also called;
CCC (Chemeketa Community College)
UCLA (University of Chemeketa on Lancaster Avenue)
The ghetto school
Interviewee: "I got my associate's degree at Chemeketa."
Interviewer: "Oh... I'm sorry."

Person 1 "I feel bad for humanity..."
Person 2 "Did you visit a homeless shelter?"
Person 1 "No, I was just at Chemeketa all day."
Person 2 "So you did visit a homeless shelter! hahaha"
by JayDB_91 November 24, 2011

Anything for which you have no proper name.
Stick the chemeketa in the damnit.

Use that chemeketa to measure the diameter of the cylinder to determine the proper bore.
by Skeeter Pan March 24, 2010
A place where kids go after Mac High or Salem schools in Oregon to fondle eachother and have lots of fun.
It is a community college.
Student 1: like omg chemeketa comunity college is amazing.
Student 2: wow like ugh sudfhak skjahdfajdfkjadfgjka
student 3: was shot in the head.
by Hovonne September 15, 2007

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