The best friend anyone in the world could have. Probably the most hillarious person you will ever come across. A girl that puts everyone in front of herself and never expects anything in return.
Always up to date on the latest celeb gossip and fashion
Loves anything to do with weddings
I wish I had a friend like a chelsea.
by Ju Ju B May 21, 2008
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the most AMAZING people you will ever find are Chelseas.
chicken flavored&lemon scented. DELICIOUSLY good looking.
girl: Damn, i wish i was a Chelsea.
boy: *looks her up&down* yeah, me too. :
by ChelseaEffBaby February 11, 2008
Chelsea is a beautiful creature of a peculiar nature. She is often starving or not hungry in the least, but she is dangerous in her hungry state. Possibly the sexiest creature on the planet, the Chelsea naturally has the powers of seduction and can manipulate your emotions without you realizing it. Be careful never to walk into the home of a Chelsea before announcing yourself, for she may be naked. Overall, Chelsea is a pleasure to be around, a treat to look at, and always smells nice. Don't mess with her though... she will kill you.
(friend walks up to Chelsea's house and opens the door)
Friend: "Oh, my God! Chelsea, you're naked!"
Chelsea: "Want a cookie?"
by Brando0932 January 23, 2009
A girl everyone is amazed by! she has amazing eyes...and is all around Awesome! She is loved by all!
omg i love Chelsea!
by joshuaaaaaaaaa August 29, 2008
A truly unique girl who loves movies and hanging out with friends. She is fun to hang out with and always worth a few laughs. She tends to be very intense and does not like change.she loves to pinch people and bite people and.s she's a lover not a fighter only when she needs to be will she be a bitch. shes fun to be around and she is supper crazzyy! and of course shes super SmexyyySA-WEET
by shelby mclaughlin September 14, 2008
Chelsea's are beautiful, mythical, goddess-like creatures. They love to eat but somehow tend to never gain weight. They're also super sweet, friendly (and many times lazy), and hate to be mean; but if you rub them the wrong way, they will show a completely different side of them no one likes to witness or even hear about (especially if family gets brought up). Chelsea's have amazing eyes and hair and have powers of seduction, drawing everyone to them naturally. They are also probably the best you will ever experience in bed. They love intimate, steamy sex; but they love it rough and wild too. They're pretty much obsessed with sex but won't tell anyone that because it's not very "lady-like" in order to keep a good reputation. Overall Chelsea's are beautiful, fun-loving sweethearts who enjoy having lots of sex.
"Chelsea's a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets"
"That girl is so damn sexy and I can't stop staring into her eyes....she must be a Chelsea"
"I would so such naughty things to Chelsea"
"I wish I could ever be lucky enough to fuck Chelsea"
"That was the sweetest girl ever, was her name Chelsea?"
"Chelsea, get your lazy ass out of bed and stop eating all my food!!!"
by danny143 February 04, 2010
a beautiful girl, who gets whatever she wants. doesnt let anyone or anything control her. she can be bitchy. but shes the easiest person to be friends with. you can fall in love with her very easily. very honest.funny when she says dingle bunny. a very hyper girl never sitting still. very easy to get annoyed. you can trust her. noone can push her around. rough. always texting. never doing nothing. loving person. dont hurt her or ill break your face <3
chelsea my sister.
by dingle bunny May 13, 2009
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