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She is a kind heart-ed, smart intellectual. She is unusually non confrontational and if she comes off in a bad manner she does not mean it. She tends to hold back if she thinks it means more to someone else. Chelse is athletic and determined. Once she makes her mind up she's probably not going to change it. She is shaped like a pixie and has a slender face. She is territorial but holds back from confrontation if possible. Chelse would bend over backwards for the people she loves. She has a soft spot for animals. she is brilliant in more ways than sought possible. She has brown hair, blue eyes, freckles, and is short structured. She is a lover not a fighter. She is uniquely named and uniquely set aside from everyone else. She is my twin.
Chelse is soft spoken
by Thing 1(Twin) April 23, 2012
A woman of upper intelligence. Knowledgable and cultured. Typically blonde and blue eyed. Kind, caring, well-mannered. Can be territorial. Someone you'd want as your best friend.
She is such a Chelsé
by ThatGuyM May 10, 2015
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