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"Chef's Pleasure Bag" is a sex toy though of by Chef from South Park.

Chef is whoring to keep out of prison. Now he has to have sex with Veronica Crabtree who is real fugly.
He tells her they can use a sex toy called "Chef's Pleasure Bag".
Ms. Crabtree: All right, let's get this show on the road! Come 'ere, puppy!
Chef: Uh, uh, hold on a second, Ms. Crabtree. How would you like to use some… sex toys?
Ms. Crabtree: Sex toys? Like what?
Chef: Like this very special device. *pulls up a paper bag* I call it "Chef's Pleasure Bag."
Ms. Crabtree: How does it work?
Chef: Now, all you do is put this paper bag over your head, and it increases your sexual pleasure.
by 28052010 September 02, 2010
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