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Something that is outrageously awesome.
That 55" LED TV is cheese fry
by Alteez June 21, 2011
Potato wedges fried in boiling fat, smothered in solidified fat, and usually consumed after being dipped in liquid fat (or Fry Sauce)
Rebecca: "I'm craving cheese fries like none other..."
Caitlyn: "It's because they infuse their cheese with cocaine."
by Rebeshka April 09, 2008
a handshake you do with your swag friends where you wiggle your fingers
give me some cheese fries man
by cheesefri July 11, 2016
Fries (usually waffle fries), Smothered in cheese (usually American cheese),Invented by Americans to make their food even more unhealthy.
Person 1:Dude I'm gonna get some cheese fries.
Person 2:But your 250lbs overweight.
Person 1:Whats your point.
by Rob"Blues"Christ October 12, 2007
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