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1. (n) The condition that arises when sweat is produced between a pair of big tits and a cheesy odor arises. The odor produced has been said to smell like goat or feta cheese. This condition is usally cured by putting deoderant between and under a set of big breats.
After Jane goes for an hour run with those d-cups of hers, she gets a serious case of Cheese tits.
by Nikki4mets August 23, 2006
1 - A friendly term between males often used when answering the phone

2 - A nasty thing to call your missus if you want to annoy her but not get in too much trouble, implying she doesnt wash the area under her breasts

not to be confused with chesstits
caller 1 "hello this is caller 1"
caller 2 "alright cheesetits howz it going?"

girl "please can you help me with the housework all you seem to do theses days is drink"

boy "i'd drink a hell of a lot less if you didnt have cheesetits"
by cheesemonkeysnutz August 02, 2006
slang for a chest that is excessively fat
"hey look at Nowar, not only does he have a gunt, but he's got a sweet set of cheese tits"
by Trevor Lang February 03, 2005
1. A ridiculously ignorant teenie bopper girl with tiny tits
2. A man who is ignorant and feminine
3. Any person who is obese, lazy, ignorant or otherwise unproductive.
4. A stupid woman who think she is da shit, when she is just da stank
"You need to shut ya mouth cheese tits before I kick your cracker ass!"
Ignorant cheese tits, can't tell the difference between au jus and roumalade sauce.
Did you see that fat ass cheese tits boy at school?
by DeathFromBelow December 30, 2011
the condition in which the breasts have become so aged that the milk therein has curdled into cheese.
"Dude, that blue-hair has some nasty-ass cheese tits."

"Cheese tits...on the prowl."
by Molybdenum Bromide November 13, 2009
a cheesetit is formally known as someone who has recently been sick after consuming a large quantity of alcohol, and the stench of stale vomit is still potently wafting out of their mouth.
hes a fucking cheesetit
by ©harlotte June 01, 2005
Jacki. A girl that puts cheese in between her boobs and let the guy eat the slices of cheese from her tits.
After Kenny ate the cheese from Jacki's tits, she was proclaimed Cheese Tits.
by Cheeseloverrrrrr August 19, 2008

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