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1. Someone who was saving money for months just to buy a low end product and pretends to just bought it with money that she/he already had.

2. Someone who has an iPhone but doesn't has money for an 3G or 4G connection so they say: I can only whatsapp when im home.

3. Someone who buys the lowest ends products of famous brands. Mostly girls.
Girl: Hey look! I just bought a new phone!
Boy: Oh which?
Girl: Its a Samsung Galaxy Y mini with a 1,3 inch screen.
Boy: Woow you desperate cheapfuck.

Girl: I have an iPhone but I only can whatsapp when I'm home.
Boy: Buy 3G connection you cheapfuck!


Boy: I just bought Monster iBeats.
by DavidThaMonster February 12, 2013
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