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A person who cares only for themselves and has the most horrible fashion taste ever. They like Giant hoop earings and have over sized bags to make them look skinnier. They care too much for their sun glasses, make-up, hair(even though it all looks awful) and other non-important things. They don't care for their grades because they have to be cool and of course, reading is not cool, unless it's some crappy preppy magazine. This causes them to do terrible in all their exams and never leave the town they live in, end up with some fat husband, 54 kids and the worst fake tan ever.
*Chav(female)1* Laura, have you seen my sunglasses??
*Chav(female)2* are they in your bag??
*Chav(female)1* Um I dunno, hehehe,
by Megan Lally January 23, 2008
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