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To fully understand chav watching you have to know what a chav is, when you do you may understand the facination many people have in these strange creatures.

To be a Chav is to be one of the most base forms of mamalian life on this planet thus chav watching is akin to observing a single celled organism in a petree dish.

Chav watching envolves going to a McDonalds, sporting goods shop or for the more fool-hardy chav spotter a council estate and observing these strange devolved heaps of puss going about thier day to day lives (if you could call their existance a life).

A word of warning if chav watching on a council estate and you spot a group of 8 or more chavs you will be lucky to leave with all 4 limbs.
Guy No.1: What you up to tonight?
Guy No 2: I'm going Chav watching
Guy No 1: Holy shit dude are you going with an armed escort?
Guy No 1: No
Guy No 2: Are you at least taking a small amount of naplam with you?
Guy no 1: No
Guy No 2: Rather you than me!
by monkey hangers mate October 29, 2008
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