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Limousines of the stretched variety that aren't used by heads of state but are instead hired by chavs the moment they've scraped together a bit of money in the mistaken belief that it's possible to buy class.

Often pink, decked out with lasers and under-chassis lights.

The stretched hummer is the ultimate chav wagon.
There's more STD's in that chav wagon than most brothels.
by Antid December 05, 2009
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An automobile typically used for the transportation of chavs. Often Ford Fiesta five seater cars with seven pregnant chavs sitting in the back and two pot-smoking chavs holding cans of Special Brew in the front.

The DVLA only grants "chavwagon" status to a vehicle if it complies with the following requirements:

- The exhaust pipe must be fitted with a fake exhaust cap to make the vehicle sound like it has flatulence problems.
- The vehicle must have a child seat in the front passenger seat with the head against the seat with malfunctioning seatbelt.
- The petrol cap must be missing.
- Each wheel must have cheap alloy material typically purchased from eBay or Del-boy.
- At least one of the car's wing mirrors must be smashed, cracked or preferably missing.
- Tyre pressures must be capable of witholding at minimum five chavs, their mothers and their "loot".
- Whilst in operation, all passengers must wear baseball caps at a 45 degree angle. Strict fines are in place for drivers of chavmobiles not wearing necessary head gear.
- Chavwagons MUST NOT under any circumstances hold valid insurance or a full MOT certificate.
- Taxation discs must be scrumpled up as to hide the actual expiry date; thus creating confusion for DVLA vans and traffic wardens.
Darren: "Shit, I've got to pick up my missus from school and go to probation by six o'clock."

Lisa: "Use the chavwagon, like..."

Darren: "Mint."
by Dai Twice August 24, 2008
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