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A free live webcam site. THough 90% of the "models" on their broadcasting are gross there are the few that are actually hot and fun to chat with and put on a good show.

Unlike other live webcam sites where one person pays to go private, chaturbate everyone can see and the model is based on tips.

Though many people on the site actually just masturbate and broadcast for free without expecting any pay out.

It's supposedly the fastest live webcam site. It's great if you want more of an interaction, and not just a boring recorded video.
"have you heard of chaturbate?"

"Dafuq s that an actual site?"
by feces face August 23, 2012
56 26
The act of masturbating while chatting online
I'm going to sit home and chaturbate with hot chicks all day
by wassupyoyo August 18, 2011
60 24
A visitor of
Joe was chaturbating on all day.
by phil_from_cali May 25, 2011
28 35