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A great Ancient from the game "Eternal Darkness" for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Chattur'gha, the Great Being of Matter, represents and controls all red magick and creatures. He is a giant, red, somewhat lobster-like creature, with huge claws, several mouths and eyes, and a gigantic tail instead of legs. His voice is so deep, it is barely decipherable to the human ear, so subtitles are required to clearly hear what he's saying.

Unlike the other two Ancients, the mighty Chattur'gha generally relys on brute strength to vanquish his foes, and seldom uses magick. With barely any effort, he can decimate the power of Xel'lotath, but he is no match for the boundless Ulyaoth.

Chattur'gha remains an intimidating foe, and his influence on humanity shall be permanent. Truely, Chattur'gha would be my favorite.
CHATTUR'GHA - "It is of no matter, for the power I will wield on my return will crush all that oppose me."
by King Nothing January 27, 2005
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