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To Chat Breeze Is When You Will Row With Someone And You Will Be Putting A Point Across And The Other Will Be Talking Nonsense And Not Actually Saying Anything To Win The Arguement
Person One : Look Bruv I Took The Money Because You Owed Me It Anyway

Person 2 : You Wasteman Bruv Dnt Ever Touch My Tings Agan

Person To Is Chatting Breeze Because He Knows Hes In The Wrong.
by Azzle-A BrapBrap April 02, 2008
London slang for talking nonsense, or speaking of something about which you have no clear understanding.
"Bingly bongly boo. Snippety-snappety-blarg. Goo ferplunk moo-ha ha ha."
"Man, don't chat breeze."
by Bonny lad November 11, 2004