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A suburban HIGH school located in Johns Creek, GA that is more diverse than a United Nations conference. The 'ghetto ratchets' from the southside to the prodigy 13th grade math asians to the Basic white rich kids we all love to hate. We've got every type of person represented, heck even our cafeteria is surrounded with countries' flags on the walls for useless decoration. We get made fun of for being an old school (20+ years old) but our grades, athletics, and tradition make up for it. The seniors spend their time doing nothing and/or in the Slounge. We use rivalries with other schools to get dressed up, get really hammered, and go to football games. If you don't want to catch a disease, you'll go to the bathroom in the D Hall. Half of the female population always knows how many days there are until spring break.
Just ask one.
We are Chattahoochee.
"Chattahoochee high school is sooo ratchet"

"How do you spell Chattahochie?"

"They did it during the pep rally, but you can't tell anyone"

"#hoochfamily #hoochpride #gohooch"
by hOOch3000 February 10, 2013
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