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Slutty, bitchy, and in need of a good smack in the face. Chatham girls rove in packs, consuming all people who may get in their way through whatever means possible. They can be found bitching at others, consuming raw flesh, wearing pink, blue, white, or black North Face jackets, sucking cock, and of course are easily recognized by the growths protruding from each side of their head, often know as iPod headphones, and the festering trail of herpes and cash they leave behind wherever they slither.

See Chatham.
Look, a Chatham Girl! Quick, get the camera!

No, her head is still partially visible out of her ass. She must be from Madison.
by Therapist February 04, 2005
62 69
A white, rich, preppy bitching girl who lives in Chatham, NJ. If they don't get what they want, they bitch and backstabb till they get it. Not every girl in Chatham is a "chatham girl" but whoever is should be shot, stabbed and burried in Mikail Batogs backyard.
Why is that Chatham girl taking a knife and stabbing her friend in the back with it?(clever clever)
by antiprep January 12, 2005
83 59
Typically the other half of a Pikey or Chav. You'll find one of these beauties (aged 12-24) pushing a pram through the streets of Chatham, Maidstone, Strood, Gillingham, Edenbridge, Margate, Ramsgate, Deal, Orpington, Sheppey and other such hell-holes.

They have documented levels of rank and status, depending on the number of Burberry items carried about their "person".

A lowly Chatham Girl might have a Burberry scrunchee or umbrella, a Chatham Queen has the works, Burberry pram, cap, Nokia phone cover.

You can also identify her by her gold lucky-clown charm necklage. Again size depicts rank and social standing.
You wot muvvers cant?
by Neil November 24, 2003
43 24
Typical under-aged mother with cheap tacky clothes and wearing copius amounts of jewellery normally in shape of clowns or horse's a necklace. May also have a maximum of five rings on each finger which will contain fake stamp sovereign's, keeper or buckle style rings. Normally reside to Medway areas but recent breeding has caused mass population across Kent especially in the Gravesend area.Dangerous species normally wear pinapple style fur on head along with multi-coloured hairband referred as Scrungee.(Scrun-gee!)
by anonymous March 10, 2003
29 23
Wear the biggest solid gold (usually fake gold) earrings they can find, rip off nike or other well known brand tracksuits, r usually pregnant and already hav a 2 year old in a buggy, almost every finger has at least 1 ring on it, side pony tail, gelled back as flat as pos n go about shoutin their gobs off in the most irritating voice pos
1:usual catch phrase "oi luvva! u gonna buy me some gold?!"
2: go chatham and dat will be enough said
by faith boston November 20, 2004
29 59