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That person you wish you didn't know who seems to lurk on facebook or aim waiting for you to log on so they can message you within 2 seconds. You usually know this person from elementary school or they tried to get you in on a pyramid scheme.
6:42 pm <I'mTotallyNotDave> is online
6:42 pm<FamilyGuy24/7> Hey man!! are you sure you don't want to make a ton of money quick selling knives?

6:43 pm<I'mTotallyNotDave> .... effin chat ninja.

6:43 pm<I'mTotallyNotDave> is offline.
by I'mTotallyNotDave November 07, 2010

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chatroom ninja
Someone who lies, usually about their age, in order to enter a chat room.
It's only a matter of time before I go to jail for accidentally cybering with an eleven year old chat ninja.
by Randwulf February 03, 2010