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A clever shortening of the phrase: "Bitch Ass" combining the "ch" in "Bitch" and using the entire word "ass"
Damn that guy is a chass
by Jack June 01, 2004
When a boob cleavage is so big it looks like an ass crack!
-"Barb has an amazing chass in that new bathing suit!"
-"Im Jealous!"
by Mahoneybologna February 07, 2011
taking the ch from the word chunky and putting ass on the end of it
oh my god pete, look at the size of vikki's chass, it's getting bigger every day!!
by ella-jade April 24, 2007
A chin that looks like an ass. Combination of the word Chin and ass.
Dude check out that guys chass its huge it totally looks like an ass on his chin!
by Thedillingerescapeplan November 27, 2011
short for "get your ass"
chass out in the kitchen and git me a beer.
by chasscrack February 01, 2011
(v.) to chass

A portmanteau of "chasing ass"; proceeding in the general direction of finely shaped derriere with the intention of admiring it discreetly.
Stu: Rick, where're you going? The lecture hall's this way.
Rick: Yeah, I'm gonna go the long way around. I'm chassing that fine ass honey over there.
Stu: Wait, I'll go with you...
by vortexx7 October 22, 2009
Short for Chapped ass. When your asshole gets raw from wiping too much.
Damn I have the worst case of chass ever.

by flobotking February 12, 2009

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