You can use like ya or you.
Tupac's song : I ain't mad at cha!
by MaxxFoxx July 31, 2006
a versatile cuss word for use around non-cussing adults
"cha you"
"what the cha"
"that jerk is such a cha"
by treeho August 22, 2008
Cash money.
I took a part-time job so I could have a little extra cha for the summer.
by Justin Time June 02, 2004
A word used by jaila's to express an agreement
cha you know it, oh golly
by Loaded Gunn July 05, 2005
Goodbye, Later, anything related to those
Adrienne: I gotta go. Cha.
by Adrienne Estelle May 24, 2005
Anything and everything with the exception of nothing.
Today was CHA-like indeed.
by hairy pussy September 26, 2003
1. nice, good, cool, basically kick-ass
2. yes, i agree
1. that was hella uber cha, bitch.
2. Andrew: Dude you see that fly chick?
Rick: Cha, bro.
by Rick Shanley August 02, 2003
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