To own someone by way of chair rage
"Man, once I set up the dreaded chair defense, we just sat back and watched the other team be cha'd."

"I'm about to cha the hell out of these noobs!"
by Jamandy June 11, 2003
1. nice, good, cool, basically kick-ass
2. yes, i agree
1. that was hella uber cha, bitch.
2. Andrew: Dude you see that fly chick?
Rick: Cha, bro.
by Rick Shanley August 02, 2003
To shrug off. Can't be arsed
Me no wan no fuss......Cha!
by Cha! April 16, 2003
a cool person
No wonder everyone calls chris cha "CHA"
by Anonymous February 23, 2003
it is a universal word invented by taylor and benny and used by almost every1. if u wanna steal tha word go head bcuz u wont sey it in tha rite dialect as we use it and if u do fck it

benny: aiyo u wanna chyll later 2day
taylor: cha bra count chocula
benny: cha
taylor: cha
benny: cha bra
by tec May 04, 2005
A word used, while doing something fun. To be used at random.
1: "You just won $6,000."
2: "Really?!" through a punch into the air above your head. "Cha!!!!!!!!!!!"
by Nasyki February 28, 2004
slang for vagina, the female reproductive organ.
My cha hurts after getting caught in that turnstyle.
by Barbra O'Reilly March 31, 2005
An expression of power while beating another.
(while beating someone) "cha! mother fucker cha!"
by Akko January 27, 2005

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