To own someone by way of chair rage
"Man, once I set up the dreaded chair defense, we just sat back and watched the other team be cha'd."

"I'm about to cha the hell out of these noobs!"
by Jamandy June 11, 2003
English word for "tea". Also the Japanese word for tea.
Englishman: "Would you like a cup o' cha old bean?"
Japanese man "Hai! Domo!"
by flatley June 06, 2005
Meaning messed up or obviously stupid - DUH!!. A reference to the villian "Chairface Chippendale" in the Cartoon "The Tick". Chairface is responsible for the CHA written on the moon throughout the comic and cartoon series; he was trying to carve his name onto the moon with a giant heat ray built by Professor Cromedome but was stopped before he could finish.
When someone does something stupid..Cha!
by shazam747 September 02, 2010
A wordless form of agreement, usually followed by "Dude".
Skater 1: So, you skate that new vert?
Skater 2:'cha
Skater 1: Dude...

Me: Hey bro, lemme hit that spliff
Jimmy: (hands over spliff) 'Cha
Me: Sweet...
by broken_palms September 02, 2009
another word for chewing tobacco
"hey johnny gimme a got dang dip of that cha"
by joshissocool138 March 17, 2009
Kind of like saying "weird!" or "gross!"

Pronounced chah.
"And then she cut his head off!"
by shaneypoo January 22, 2009
the vagina,like the female pleasure center
Hey that was my cha!
by Flagella December 02, 2007
word that refers to "ya" or "yes" meaning 2 agree with someone or respond in a positive way
bill: can u come over 2night

adiel: cha idk if want 2 tho
by ryantmoney June 12, 2007
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