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To own someone by way of chair rage
"Man, once I set up the dreaded chair defense, we just sat back and watched the other team be cha'd."

"I'm about to cha the hell out of these noobs!"
by Jamandy June 11, 2003
The explosion of excitement from the inside.
KG: Hey Alex, throw me a beer.

Alex: CHA!
by ATAT September 29, 2010
The thing you say when you have a totally different opinion about something but don't want to show it.

Like Sakura from Naruto.
Girl 1) "Does this dress make me look fat?"
Girl 2) "No, it looks great! Cha."
by musicislifeguitarislove August 28, 2010
Something you say when you see a bro.
IE: someone wearing Thrasher, Metal Mulisha, SRH, Famous, TAPOUT, ect..
Instead of straight out being like BRO ALERT. all you need to say it "cha"
*guy in puffy skatershoes, high socks, dickies, and a Tapout shirt struts into the store*
you glance to your friend, and they glance back. nothing but a simple stare and a quick, "cha" ahha "cha".

explains it ALL.
Bros often say CHA, cha man, cha bro, what sup, cha!?
by Alexandra Lansing May 28, 2010
General agreement
James - Sarah, u want a cuppa' tea?
Sarah - Cha!
by Jdotman2009 May 07, 2009
the vagina,like the female pleasure center
Hey that was my cha!
by Flagella December 02, 2007
Meaning messed up or obviously stupid - DUH!!. A reference to the villian "Chairface Chippendale" in the Cartoon "The Tick". Chairface is responsible for the CHA written on the moon throughout the comic and cartoon series; he was trying to carve his name onto the moon with a giant heat ray built by Professor Cromedome but was stopped before he could finish.
When someone does something stupid..Cha!
by shazam747 September 02, 2010
The coolest way to say 'yea' or 'yes.'
by chalexx July 24, 2010