(verb) to react in a spasm attack to any physical contact with any living organism.
She charvied out when I held her hand.

Why the fuck are you charvin' with me?
#sexy mama #love dove #brown people #brown haters #patel
by Nick Marotta April 26, 2007
Top Definition
An indian name for an all-rounded, open-minded, culturally diverse girl. She can drop a pretty good beat, and is usually the life of the party.
Man, Charvi is just so chill, everyone loves her.
#cool #chill #bomb #outgoing #perfect
by Gurlfran July 31, 2013
A girl who has a boyfriend who is a girl magnet and yet pretends to be perfectly okay with it because trust is number one in a relationship...

A girl who isn't perfect and knows it.

A girl who wants to change a lot of things about herself.

A girl who gives happiness even if she knows she won't get any in return.

Just a girl who doesn't ask for much, yet gives a ton.
Charvi believed more in giving then getting.
#imperfect #pretty #charvi #lovable #nice
by PeaceLoveLaugh July 02, 2011
Charvi is a type of shit that usually has a very uncomfortable exit out of your pooper.
VJ Singh: Yesterday i ate gajjar ka halwa and was all up with the damn CHARVI mein.
#charvi #shit #poo #crap #zamir
by Daniel Day Lewis August 01, 2008
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