A typical 'bad boy' who has the latest nike trainers e.g. shox or T.N's. These people wear about 3 pairs of socks and have them tucked in to their joggie bottoms, they listen 2 music wot repeats itself over and over again and has a high pitched singer, Charvas probably have crabs seen as they hav their hands down there pants 24/7. Can also be seen on a weekend night drinking cider at a bus stop. Their favourite words include as followed - 'Bad,Bad boy,Innit,TWOCKED IT,boiler house,Im gonna due him in,that is phat' These type of people us usually seen in groups of 5 plus(minimum)
Wannabee ganstars who know they will never be, Just like Rick Waller
by Duane_robbo October 21, 2004
The definition of charva consists of all of the above, but also includes sub-groups. These being: the 'teeny bopper', the 'trendie', the 'wannebe rock star', the 'band groupie' and any other person who uses the term 'charva' or 'radgie' (towards some one who does not have the common-known traits associated with charvas)in order to insult, hurt and belittle another human being- usuallly someone they are jealous of.
Person who has never been to gig in life: "oh, look at that charva."

Translation: "I am not being myself and I feel insecure. If I give a negative label to that person over there, that will make me look good."
by dangerous groove September 06, 2004
charvas ase the lowest form of life....they walk around like they own the joint thinking they are "hard", but most are little weaklings! they ae spreading like a disease and should be put in quarintine! (hope i spelt that right!) they act really hard infront of their mates, who tend to be their worst enemies! adopting a geordie accent, they use phrases such as "oi! gizza a tab like" or "gizz ten pence like for ma bus fare like" and the most common "why-aye man" also using swear words mainly "fuck" and "cunt" i dont have anything against em its just they started the so called "fued" nd they shouldnt call people who differ from them. anyway the males wear fred perry striped tops and tracksuit bottoms....and they say what goths wear is scary! the males also have adopted a "skinhead" and both sexes have rockport boots. the females sometimes where tops that say "bling bling" or "new york"(and i bet they dont know that its a real place!) and usually tracksuit bottoms but if it is really cold they are sometimes spotted wearing a mini-skirt that bearly covers their hips! and they usually are pregnant before 15. this scum is multiplaying fast! we must put a stop to it immediately!
"oi gizz a tab like"
"why-aye man ya little sweaty cunt"
"what ya deein"
(one charva in my school came up to me and said: "ah! ya little sweaty betty!")
"why-aye giz twenny pence now, for ma bus fare like innit"
(another charva said "gothy offy!" what the hell?! does that make sense?!!)
In-depth defintion, PART FOUR:
Popular charva hobbies and pastimes include theft, fraud, fire and accruing large amounts of debt from Crazy Georges (now Bright House) which gives way to one of their favourite pursuits of all - moving house and changing their identity for the purposes of obtaining more credit. Most charvae hence owe anywhere upward of £20,000 and have multiple warrants out for their arrest. They are also keen larceners. However, competing over the most comprehensive and colourful criminal record is perhaps the most enduring folk-sport among charva-kind. At leisure (or in cells), favourite charva TV shows include 'Police, Camera, Action', 'Hard Bastards' and the profound observations aired by Trisha give them their early morning thinking-matter, which braces them for a hard day of drinking and teaching their toddlers to swear while simultaneously smacking them for asking questions. Charvae on the whole do not own cars, though a popular pursuit is to steal one to see how the other half live, then torch it out of envy. Charvae also do not enjoy carrying weapons of any description, against the popular belief. This is only because most cannot afford them, plus the fact that no-one will sell them to charvae in the wise belief that they would deploy them for sport at a moment's notice.
Popular charva hobbies and pastimes include theft, fraud, fire and accruing large amounts of debt from Crazy Georges
by evelyn waughfare November 29, 2003
The charva seems to have evolved slightly ( only very slightly, they still resemble sub-intelligent ape like species). Where we used to see the various coloured berghauses with the odd 'tab' burn now we see the Meria peak. It seems as though in charva land this is this season's must have. Unfortunately it only comes in 4 colours leadding to every fourth charva wearing an identical coat. This teamed with the old uniform of Henry Lloyd jumpers, knock-off burberry hats and rockports with strange reflective edging all adds up to pretty bad reading for all us goths, skaters, grungies or just normal people as it seems that rather than dieing out as a species charvas seem to be progressing. Well we can but hope, after all, the dinosaurs died out and they weren't exactly pretty either.
by Bex October 27, 2003
the 'charv' orginally comes from newcastle and the north east. they can be spotted wearing rockports, reebok trackie b's and berghaus's. However some where tight jeans and a stripy blue fred perry jumper.
an example of the charva is a lass of about 15 hangin around a shopping centre with her friends, laughin at people. they are not as bad as some people make them out to be!
by Razza1212 February 28, 2005
scum of the earth borghoose wearing tossers
i used to sell the mera peak (berghaus)jackets to the charvas, they would come in an say: " av yee got that bluee borghoose?" i would stand there and ask: "err which one are you after" the reply would be " the blue one like". So after 20mins trying to figure out exactly which one it is ( there are many borghooses) they would finally pay £250 in a wad of tenners, where do they get their money from? Im one of those hippie types not that i have long hair but they always think i am.." howw yee hiipie cunt" i just laugh. no education, no brains too much cheap piss and yes i totally agree kids at the age of 14. they should be wiped from the face of the earth. The Glaswegian name for a charva is NED or Non Educated Delinquient.. very true
by dave February 16, 2005
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