Person who wears tresspass n berghaus, likes the bo-berry and loves the white shite and likes the rocky-ps and the stripey At least where imaginative LOL! who cares, certainly not me!!!!!!!!! So lend is a tab hew.......HAHA!!!!
Buzzing on a bee, suckin on a sweet called xtc.
Lend is a tab.
hew man, who ur talkin tee?
by SaraLUVINGlife November 08, 2003
This originates from 19th Century parlance and, being used as a descriptive noun, was originally attributed to a prostitute. Later this gave rise to a verb whereby a person was 'charvered' or 'f#cked', this in the context that the person in question was beaten up or generally antagonized by low-life. This then went full circle to describe the antagonist as a 'Charva'. In latter days, 'Charvae' have adopted the name as a term of endearment amongst themselves, despite being a term used to describe them as low-life scum who need to be humanely destroyed.
by International Pat October 20, 2003
Drink cider, live on tabs, wear nike air max trainers with a fred perry, rockport or henri lloyd top wit white trakkie bottoms. Whos language stretches as far as neh hew
Any1 hu lives in a mile radius of newcastle or a mackam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Neh hew October 06, 2003
They think they are the best thing since sliced bread and wear Kappa tracksuits and think they are HARD. They also wear old granda hats( stolen off old grandad ). they hate Goths or hippies entering their ' space ' and think its cool to drink until their off their head, while others just think their stupid and point and stare!
' have ya GOTH the time ?? '
by - September 15, 2003
A person inclined to wear "Kappa" and other tracksuit-like garments plus a hat stolen off an elderly gentleman. Vocabulary stretches as far as, "How man ya fookin hippie, lendz (?)a tab/lite" Usually all merged together in one long sentence. Many charvas have "hardcore" scars (Shaved eyebrows gone terribly wrong)
by Murderdoll September 07, 2003
One hell of an anti-socialist group of people who do nothing except for drinking at the local park all night. For their modes of transport it is usually a kids UNIVERSAL bike with the seat as high up as it can go. But when they are old enough (smack bang on their 18th birthday) they buy a car (mainly a Vauxhall Nova/Corsa, Renault 206, Fiat Punto or a Ford Fiesta) and before passing the test they add bits of cheap plastic to the body (cheap and nasty, like they are), a device for the exhaust which makes it sound loud (to collaberate with the 'blingin choons') and have at least a CD Player which has 3 bass boosts so they can be heard approaching from miles away.
(See also townie)
'Howay ya wanna gan doon thar toon in me new blingin motah?'
'Aye we'll fork oot on soma dat soida and gan to da park for a drink!'
by Drum Boy May 19, 2004
These people are Kappa wearing illiterate individuals who prey on the old and the weak. They have bad diets and seem to be either drunk or high most of the time. They come from single parent families and think that smacking a baby is called parenting. They are racist and ignorant of what is going on around them. They eat fast food, and have really bad skin. Their men are mostly unemployed and always walking the streets at all times of the day, usually looking to rob a house, car or a person. Their women (or children!) are pregnant at the age of 13-15 and the parents are always pround of their kids. These people need to be rounded up and gassed so that the infection does not spread. Mainland Europe and the rest of the world lives in horror at the Orcs.
Hey man giv us a tab, i fuckin need one. wot u looking at fucking bastad (a Cahrva speaking to his close friend)
by Mishmash January 07, 2004

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