Charvas are duh bestests and weas all cools and stuff like hew We wear da shoes dat better dan dat ovva stuff like boots an stuff like hew. dem goffs are stoopidest cos theys all baggys an stuff. wes all gots stuffs better an livs off da guvenment.
"I am a stoopid charva with 3 kids with different women and I am not as hard as I act"
by Rory January 26, 2005
A charva can be found scavenging in local boozers or night clubs, often heard usings words such as "PYAHH" and "AYE" and "HEEYA!"
"AYE eez PYAHH pissed iz off lirk ORRRRRR HEEEYAA MAN!"
by Damion May 28, 2004
werid, unbeliveable, and talk 2 much. they r sluts just like barbie
how ye giv uz a tab hooooo.
by goth January 03, 2004
well solid people who pick on kidz 45 times smaller than them. and drink cheap booz and tinnys in parks while wearing their burbuary cloths and hang around with lasses with about 400 chaains on and ear rings the size of a frige
awer ya ganin to the paark nd dust the rest of our tinys nd chin a cupple of bens
by anth October 21, 2003
charva's aren't bad people they just have their own style, they don't like people who aren't charva's because all the other people don't like them!
so what if they wear stripey jumpers, berghaus coats, rockports and burberry caps and all the otha stuff mentioned its just a style just like goths have their own style, and to be honest i think charvas look better than goths, because no offence but their is no need to wear that much eyeliner, and really what is the point in wearing black all the time i mean its just so depressing! its not the end of the world ya no! wel i wouldn't say charvas are the best people in the world, but some can be alrite!
but it does seem that all they care about is tabs and cider! but what is wrong with having fun now and then!
ewwwwwww lend es a tab like, or i'll bash ya!! ohhhhh buzzin!!
by annonymous! April 21, 2004
a lad/lass who wears strippy jumpers(henry lloyd that is)tracksuit bottoms and the boots(rockports). they all wear them berghouses (the merra peak ones)the lasses have fringes and wear all the stars and bars nd button necklaces and them big earrings(bugie swingers)they walk around as if they rule the place and if they see you theyll say 'lend iz a snowt' thats can i please lend a ciggareet in english haha. they go around tourching cars and robbing old ladies. they also do that horrible griffey on the walls of the metro's and drink on street corners. most of them have left school by the age of 15.
'lend iz a snowt'
'ill burst yee'
'err hippys lets do them'
by jay t February 04, 2004
charvahs are lads or lasses hu r fukin mint! yes most of them do go rund drinkin cider n all that shite 2 get pissed but so fuk and yes they do listen 2 da NEW MONKEY cos it rox betta than any of this goth shit! :-P dh1 rox anall
tracky b's (usually white 1s) stripey jumpas, fred perry, berghaus's big earrings air maxes r the usual charvah big makes! they fukin rock! n charvahs rnt even bullys anyways hu pik on fukin kids so thats a load of shite!
by Nicola ov Segga March 09, 2004

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