Charva is the romany (gypsy) word for unruly youth. Why it originates in Newcastle when there is next to no gypsies is beyond me. In my part of the north-east (Darlington) the word charva refers to gypsies as that is the correct meaning. The little tossers from Newcastle are just wannabe gypsies (fuck knows why) hence the use of the word charva to describe themselves.
Real charvas wear real burberry caps and rockports as they can afford the flash gear because they (somehow) make lots of money unlike the little wannabe rentas.
"charva kekka rokka" <---real charva talk not no imitation shit from the wannabes
by Mike Oxlong February 28, 2004
See mumpa. This is the word in the ascendance to describe a charva.

Synomyms: Wretched, pathetic, in-bred, teenage parents, examples of the need for birth control, catalogue-shoppers, fraudsters, debtors, doomed, cracker-spawn, unwanted, under-nourished, foolish, narrow, ultra-plebian, bastard children, unloved.
'Mumpas like to pretend to be rich, but they are in fact the poorest and most wretched people in the whole of the British Isles'
by evelyn waughfare December 03, 2003
A word that is used all ova in the UK put has different names, all with the same definition, other names are;
Chavs, Neds, Townies, Kevs, Charvers, Steeks, Spides, Bazzas, Yarcos, Ratboys, Kappa Slappers, Skangers, Janners, Stigs, Scallies. but where i live in the north east so they are called charvas. charvas are people who wears lots ov bling bling usually big massive clown necklaces, tog24's berghauses, peter stroms ect and rockports, nike air max, big sovereign rings and an attitude like nothing you've seen b4. usually between the age ov 9 - 17 but can be older if its a lass livin in a council house that miffs (stinks) with 15 kids running round all with different dads! they are also usually potheads who smoke tac.
'Here i am charva so divvant mess wiv me like! aalreet?'
by cheryl June 06, 2004
im not a hippie or goth or nethin, jus normal and i stil think that charvas r scuffs hu hang around outside tescos fleggin on tha floor in their trackies and shoutin "ear rite..." and "init". Hu eva sed dat they have expensive clothes needs shootin, no offence but wot planet r they from i mean since wen has adidas poppers and tape players with new monkeys blastin out of been good. What i acnt understand is how they get their hats to stay on their heads wen its windy as there balanced at a 90 degree angle on the backs of their head so you can see the huge lethal fringe sticking out. i suppose if they wana spend ther lives in council estastes or outside supermarkets stoned or pist then its up 2 them, better than havin no goals i suppose. half of them end up in prison for dealin pills at raves to 10 year olds. and hu tha hell serves the lil 10 year olf for fags coz they always seem to have one in their hand!!!i do have friends hu aer slightly on tha charva side so im not stereotyping all of u, but some things jus hav 2 b sed.
what du cal a townie in a cupboard?
by nicola February 25, 2004
One who politely enquires passers by as to whether or not they have any spare change available for use on public transport.
"Scuse me wor kid, can y help iz oot"?

Wor lass is pregnant an a haven't got enuff money t get yem. Can y borrer is thorty seven pence for the metty pleeze"?
by Steely January 16, 2004
One who relishes the wearing of lime green kappa tracksuits from Argos or any sports superstore or market. Commonly found on pushbikes, roaming town centres and destroying phone booths.
Oi luv your kappa tracky looov!
by Emily C. E. Wilson December 22, 2003
a geordie scum bag hu wears stripies (fred perrie jumpers!) nd nike air max trainers or rockport nd kickers boots, they wear helly hanson, tog24, or berghous coats, the lasses wear them pants that look lyk there gunna rip coz there so tight around there asses!
charvas, normally say fuk a lot, nd drink cider in lemonade bottles!! (how sad!!)
"hav u got a light?"
"wot the fuks he lukin at!"
"hav u got 10p 4 me bus fare?"
by nattaz December 14, 2003
A charva is a person of limited intelligence that are found in all parts of britain, not just newcastle. They wear tracksuits mainly but have latley invested in some "Proper belter" designer sportswear. They get drunk easily but brag about the amount that they do drink. Theyre all on drugs and most of them have kids by the time they're fifteen. They are mainly located on street corners or attempting to steal your car (I'd go check about now)they talk way too loudly and swear loads just to make themselves seem big to their so called "friends" Theire friends being people they fight with the most. They hate anyone who isn't a charva because they're afraid of change and are extremely paranoid. Being charva isn't somehitng that happens, it's a way of life. So go get your dole money pet and stop swearin at my gran
"Fookin 'ell a ye fookin daft, gan get a wesh ye manky goffick ya ......waaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by GravyHavok August 02, 2003
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