Charva is the romany (gypsy) word for unruly youth. Why it originates in Newcastle when there is next to no gypsies is beyond me. In my part of the north-east (Darlington) the word charva refers to gypsies as that is the correct meaning. The little tossers from Newcastle are just wannabe gypsies (fuck knows why) hence the use of the word charva to describe themselves.
Real charvas wear real burberry caps and rockports as they can afford the flash gear because they (somehow) make lots of money unlike the little wannabe rentas.
"charva kekka rokka" <---real charva talk not no imitation shit from the wannabes
by Mike Oxlong February 28, 2004
In-depth definition, PART FIVE:
The language of charvae has bewildered linguists the world over, as no-one has been able to identify its roots. It seems to consist of a constant nasal whine that sounds like 'aaaaaa', which occasionally morphs into approximations of existing English words delivered in an extended manner, very much akin to Siberian throat-singing but with an undertone of suppressed rancour. A variation of this is the machine-gun-like delivery that accompanies an amphetamine session that often features the endless repetition of the words 'proper', 'how', 'ch', 'here, man', 'shan' and 'hollible'. The usage of these amusing jazz words by non-charvae is a source of constant chagrin to the charva
The language of the charva has bewildered linguists the world over.
by evelyn waughfare November 29, 2003
simply scum! even a 3 letter word is enough to overload their primitive brain cell causing a reaction such as "ere fuck off ya daft cunt for a get our gaz ta knock ya oot" who's gaz? it seems every one of em has a hard relation called gaz. at the age of 14 the average charva has a baby called chelsea or conan or what ever they can "think" of. and most seem to give their children gregs pastries or bakers oven sausage rolls "savoury dummies" as we call em. cider is now famous as charva drink and emty bottles can be found in every back street in the north east. to conclude a charva is a stuck up, drug taking luney who badly needs counciling and detox. they think they are the best but in the real world they are looked down upon as the a plague of england.
"oi giz a tab."
"giz a ten pence."
A person (male or female) who wears sports makes all the time. Males usually have short or shaved hair, females usually have a huge sticky-out fringe. Charvas like to shout at people different to them and they adopt a strong accent when in groups. Can also be identified by the way they walk: like they have something shoved up their ass. Use the word 'fucking' a lot as well as 'you daft cunt', 'fucking hippy', 'fucking goth' and 'fucking hard'.
Look at that stupid charva, what the fuck is he wearing?
by ellie August 27, 2003
charvas are a bunch of radgies that do nowt except drink bella, smoke small quantities of cannabis (they claim it's much more) and walk round thinkin' thjey're great coz they wear top label gear (all stolen). thay also think "new monkey" tunes are mint, when it's quite obvious that it's all shite
"here, have u hord the new monkey tape from friday neet?"
by lol pmsl lmfao June 01, 2004
first of all the lasses wear: trackey bottoms or jeans if they can afford them! fred perry stripey jumpers, berghaus coats, massive hoop earrings, far too much make up, black rockports, usually known as rocky p's, bleached blonde hair and a huge fringe stickin out of their head!
and then lads wear: tracksuit bottoms, fred perry or henri lloyd stripey jumpers, rockport coat, rockport boots, most of them wear a burberry cap (usually fake) carefully placed at 45 degress, they have their eyebrow pierced and one ear pierced, and have a tab carefully placed behind their ear, both wear huge sovereign rings and chunky gold chains, they always go round shoutin and swearin their heads off, and stickin their noses up at goths or just any different people.
their example of fun is getting stoned or pissed out their heads!
they always have fights with people for meaningless reasons, and the lads like to get their girlfriends pregnant by the age 15!
'lend es a tab ewww'
'we gunna bash ya'
'what ye lookin at'
'lend uz 10 pence'
'ohhhhh buzzin ewwwww'
by annonymous! April 21, 2004
Mispronounced name of a girl in a Frank Zappa tune of the same name.
Charva... Charva... I love you thorugh and through, I loved you since in grammar school when we were sniffin glue...
by Jason January 08, 2004
A charva (sngl) is a person that has a very low IQ, a very limited vocabulary and a very low status on the social ladder of the United Kingdom. Charvers (pl)originally from the North East reigon of England (eg Newcastle, Sunderland & Middlesbrough) plague the streets of these cities in large groups as it it the only way for them to gather any remote intelligence of their species as indivaidual charvers only have a fraction of a brain-cell within them.

This inferior species of mankind are set in the ways of trying to destroy themselves by taking drugs, drinking cheap alchol such as cider, by smoking. Charvers also put the lives of other people at stake as well as the have a habit of stealing cars (particularly old models of nissans and fords as well as transit vans) and driving them at unsafe velocities until the crash which then causes their inferior minds to contemplate setting the car or van alight as they believe it is a good idea and fun.

Should you run into a charva or a group of charvers (otherwise known as a crew) you are likely to be asked a question in the language of the charva that is almost impossible to understand. At the most a charva may be able to make a barley co-herient sentence such as "Lens 'is a tab" or " Hu you think ur lukin at, ye want bangin out"

Charvers dispise anyone who shows any signs of individuality. They can only tolerate being around people who dress like them. The typical charver clothing consists of a horizontally striped fred perry jumper, tracksuit bottoms, over priced hiking boots named rockports and overpriced waterproof coats called berghaus's.

Should you come across any of these poor, socially retarded, exuses of human beings it is recommended that you do not make eye contact and that you walk away as if they detect any eye contact between you and them they will look to pick a fight with you.
The view on charvers in many north eastern cities of the UK is that they are a waste of time, space, money and resources and that they only exist as a plague of todays modern day society.
by wildthing June 29, 2004

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