Charva is the romany (gypsy) word for unruly youth. Why it originates in Newcastle when there is next to no gypsies is beyond me. In my part of the north-east (Darlington) the word charva refers to gypsies as that is the correct meaning. The little tossers from Newcastle are just wannabe gypsies (fuck knows why) hence the use of the word charva to describe themselves.
Real charvas wear real burberry caps and rockports as they can afford the flash gear because they (somehow) make lots of money unlike the little wannabe rentas.
"charva kekka rokka" <---real charva talk not no imitation shit from the wannabes
by Mike Oxlong February 28, 2004
Sportswear and jewellery obsessed youth. In the South East, also known as a "chav". Interestingly the word is originally the Romany "charvo", meaning "small boy", other etymologies on this page notwithstanding.
by Mynci October 02, 2003
I no every1 h8s charvas n so do i but i av a really good mate who weres some ov the charva stuff but she is sooooooo nice, and i no alot ov charvas complain that other people dont like them but its because most charvas are horrible 2 every1, and charvas say we dont like them coz they dont like us. Yer but U stated it!
Who cares what u look or dress lyk?!?!
by Rhiannon March 16, 2005
a radgie group ov kids or demented adults who usually hang round the bak ov supermarkets, lookin for their tango cans 4 their hash
a belta human species who can actually afford the £120 rockie p's and the £350 merra peak bergies. the jewellry is usually very expensive, and yeah, maybe being the local drug dealer helps fund the ever growing trend for hanging baubles from the 'kappa slappa's' ear lobes but so what? every one needs a trademark.. the goths have their freaky makeup, parachute trousers and greasy hair, the charvers have jewellry, rocky p's and burberry caps.
by kezza December 03, 2003
a common occurance in england a "charva"can be found loitering around street corners, bus stops shops, wasteland, basically anywhere. ALL charvers wear luminous colours best shown off in the form of a berghaus or sprayway survival and ski jackets, they have alot of sports gear,from decent brands such as nike and adidas to lower budget goods such as kappa(not so popular now and le coq sportif. latest addition to urban "charva" wear are the daft looking and highly priced rockport series of footwear (and also jackets)costing up to £160, just to wreck with hot rocks from the many lambert and butlers. sovereign rings and O.T.T amounts of GOLD jewellry also found on the necks and fingers of charvs.
just look around any british town or city, this new breed are expanding in a big way! watch out bolly weaver like hew!
by scotty February 16, 2003
A fukin freek hu thinkz they r da best because there on the dole from pennywell or hendon..but not 2 say therez out wrong wiv hendon b'coz me luv lives there! the lasses can eiva b propa ugly or canny pretty..and same 4 the ladz but if there nice then they r NICE! but they hav the crappest personality and no money and no brainz and usually end up having kids by the age of 10, which is reely bad b'coz then more come before theve all died ov hash. anywayz i lurrvee a charv so i cant talk..but i admit i only go 4 his looks and NOT his personality.
c yaz all l8r . hope u can write ur own defention taking the piss out ov charvz bye!
" eeeeeee nor we ye talkin te...get sum trackies and sum shnidey rockports (rockForts) leek me!
by charv_lad_luva_CHARV_H8A! March 18, 2004
Charva are opposite of hippie un goths (the lil scruffs) better then them. We like our drink as well; carling lager only the wannabes drink the white lighting and lambrini (euch!). New monkey is popular aswell; fukin class! People are only against us cos we've got money, kna how to live, have more fun and dress better then most e.g. hippies and goths wear baggy trouserswith rips in, dirt on bit trailing off the bottem.
course we wear rockports, henri loyds, fred perry; cos we got money to splash around. ROCKPORTS are a need like, i've got 6 pairs myself. You can always tell from wannabes charvs! We can also stick up for ourselfs, i'e' fightin if need so, especially with hippie now.
by Roxy December 15, 2003
rite i am a charva n i dont have a coke can fringe,bright orange face,n im not racist etc.
i think people think charvas r cheap,pathetic n nasty cos they have either come across one n got on wrong side or they just r bein stereotypical!!!
i wear rockports,spray way,sum gold jewelry,2 silver rings,any type of trousers dont have to be SKIN TIGHT

but i dont hang round on street corners drinkin cider cos tht jst plain stupid.i hang round a large group of lads n lasses n they r perfectly normal.
if u r not a charva u describe them steroetypicaly
eg big massive hoops + gets pregnant

some charvs r hard some r wannabes that r soft, but if u say they r soft y do u avoid them when u go out?if your so hard n they arent shuddnt u stand up to them!!!well not the case cos ppl dnt wanna get jumped on n all.anywayz u cant really say that charvs r nasty etc when u avnt tried bein 1, so then if u all hate charvs do u hate goths aswel????cos u r all skittin charvs for bein cheap n tacky etc but what ''trend'' do you follow?cos im sure u wud get griefed anywayz,lol,

dont have to give one cos i am one!mugz
by jes February 05, 2004
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