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The unresistable feeling of attraction towards Charliq. Charsexuality is a very common thing. Regardless of sexual preference or gender, you feel attracted to Charliq.
Girl 1: It's wierd, i never met someone as amazing as Charliq..i can't explain how i feel about her..

Girl 2: I you have feelings for her?

Girl 1:No, i'm straight.

Girl 2:I know you are, that doesnt matter though, but i know you are attracted to's ok..everyone is a little Charsexual.
by QQQcharsexualQQQ April 07, 2009
A person who isn't attracked to males or females.
They just aren't attracked to anything.

No they are not attracked to animals either you sick.
Girl: Hey Wanna go out with me sometime?
Boy: No sorry
Girl: Why not?? are you Gay or something?
Boy: No I'm charsexual.
by Uikik November 08, 2006
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