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There was once a Russian couple that lived in Chernobyl. They were married and lived happily until there was a horrible nuclear explosion. And at the time Mrs. Romanavanava was with child but the nuclear radiation caused her body to disintegrate leaving only the placenta sheltering a fetus. The placenta rolled into a lake which had been contaminated. Then two nearby oil trucks collided which caused the nuclear lake to catch fire which caused the placenta to explode and the fetus to become immediately charred and fused with nuclear DNA. A nearby adoption agency truck passed the lake and saw the smoldering fetus that had washed ashore. They picked it up and put tennis shoes and braces on it. They sprayed it with chemicals and placed it in a test tube.

Ten years after the incident an innocent American couple looking to adopt a russian child stumbled upon this peculiar fetus. Still lodged in the test tube and sprinkled daily with chemical X in the hope it would survive, the couple took immediate liking to this strange and charred organism. The adoption papers were filed and finalized and the American family flew back to America where the charred fetus is rumored to live and roam around the suburbs of Carrollton, Texas.
Dude...have you heard the legend of the "Charred Fetus"

Ya man I thought I saw it in fourth period Health! He still has braces and tennis shoes and everything!
by Jamal Montel Willams July 26, 2007
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