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Aura: when a person or team of people employ sudden and immeasurable amounts of charm - leaving all those in the stormer(s)' audible radius, stunned, soaked in awe and sexually aroused. Marriages are often ended after one member of the relationship being caught in a storm, and immediately realising they'd made a mistake saying "I do".

The effectiveness of the Charm Storm is seen not only in the multitude of Facebook friend requests a charmer receives after a storm, but also in the recent birth of (unfortunately degenerate) charm related slang, i.e. Charm Farm - a similar experience of colossal charm, however the farm fails to encompass all tremendous power embodied in a storm.
Tom: Can you grab us a pie while you're in there?
Mick: You got any coin?
Tom: (sucks on his index finger and puts it in the air) I think I feel a storm brewing.
Mick: They dont call me the thunder bird for nothing! Put your wallets away and get your notepads out kids, as I hail down a charm storm.
Tom: Make it rain bitch!
by TommyWebbster March 13, 2013
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