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The most amazing woman in the world. She is creative, sexy has the brains and beauty of a goddess. She is complicated but once you get to know her, you will never regret it. When she walks in a room, she makes the men turn heads. She is secretive at times and lacks expression of emotion for certain reasons. Charlyns are stubborn, a challenge, unique, and will be there for you through thick and thin. They tend to become extremely curious so have that in mind.
That woman on stage acting is such a Charlyn.

She won't tell me what is going on with her..typical Charlyn.

Hey you with the curves!!...Dude that Charlyn won't pay attention to you, she's out of your league.
by bball#21koolio September 23, 2010
a little lady, that is very kind. very unique, usally asian. that has her own ways of doing things. very independent, & selfless. also very prettty (: & has respect fom many people, && she locves her mexicoo! (:
bob says: im hungry
charlyn says:here have some of my sandwhich, you can have half. even though im very hungry!
by martha sanchez November 23, 2009
A crazy lady at times. She can be sweet and gentle, but tend to take advantage of their partner. She may lie to you to give herself the authority. Don't always make her mad though, because she gets ugly when she is mad. Don't always trust Charlyns because they might not trust you either. If they don't trust you then they will be excessive about it. When they don't trust someone they will check emails and texts, so watch your back. they also have great manners, but tend to be rude about it.
I can't believe Charlyn lied to him.
by tlj9 June 08, 2015
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