someone who is cocky and smells like sweat with black teeth really fat and ugly and sleeps with anyone is a complete dog!
a fat dog called charlotte
by honhi January 12, 2012
charlotte is the biggest fag you will ever meet, she has no friends no one likes her. poor child. no manners. extremely rude. oh yeah she wants to bang kieron taylor.
girl; oh i hate her so much.
girl 2; yeah, shes a total charlotte.
by charlotte123456789 November 30, 2011
Charlotte, located in the center of North Carolina and is famous for its lack of culture and numurous wal-marts.
i hate charlotte, its ghetto.
by dylan dechant June 08, 2005
a fat bitch who spits on birds and an accident prone twat.
Oh my god she just slipped and broke her neck by the pool...what a charlotte!
by betty127 May 12, 2011
Bitch of the century. Keeps tabs on you and reports back to everyone she knows because it could screw up the one thing that was really important. Wants to mess up what other people have because she can't get it herself. Sleeps around a lot without regard to other people's feelings.
Friend: Charlotte said you did insert lie last night.

You: well I didn't and she openly hates me so I don't know why you would listen to her.
by thatsrightho November 21, 2010
the less crude way of calling someone a harlot/slut
damn dont you just hate that girl? shes such a charlotte
by lolocaust1 September 03, 2006
Charlotte: (v) The action of excreting invisible fluids on a Noun (person place or thing) when excited and or in peril. (B) A practice or state of dominance in which a person loud speaks the verb and then proceeds to touch anything and everything in sight. Very offending in lower-class facilities, though highly accepted as a normal practice in highschools. Often used with the suffix -ing- or -ed-
Fark! I have just been charlotted on.

No! Stop charlotting on me, go charlotte somewhere else you Charlotter.
by Master Cylinder June 07, 2005

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