A Slag, Who draws her eyebrows on really badly! All the ugly guys love her and all the good looking ones think she's buzzing. She thinks she got nice boobs and a nice ass but really both are saggy. She usually has a sidekick! She also has many jumpers usually yellow or orange and very tight skirts which are up her un-round bum!
Charlotte: Hey Boy (Sticks Bum Out)

Boy 1: Oh god, look it's a Charlotte.

Boy: Err, she's really ugly, look at those eyebrows!

Boy 1: Run!!!!!!!
by Hater9942 January 23, 2014
Generally a shorter girl. She is most likely dating a hockey player. Her lucky number is 9 and she loves dark areas (such as basements).
Jake:"She was at the hockey game again!"
Mike:"She is a total Charlotte"
by me-off1994 January 08, 2010
The act of urination behind a statue in a public place.
He did a right Charlotte, he had a piss behind that old statue.
by rhyssboh January 31, 2011
A girl who is usually a bitch and try's to make herself seem better then everyone else. Usually single because she leads on many guys she tends to be called names like slut and whore. If confronted by a Charlotte bitch slap her while you have a chance and keep that major hoe away from your man.
person 1: omg is that charlotte!!!

Person 2: I hate that girl she is such a bitch
by bossassbitch17 December 03, 2013
A girl who eats copious amounts of bananas. Everyday you find her munching on a banana slightly looking like a chimpanzee. Chocolate biscuits resembling animals is also one of her favourite foods. One of her talents is that of lip-sinking to The Darkness- Do You Believe in a Thing called love...hobbies include googling pennis.

person 1: look i made a special banana eating schedual
person 2: your such a charlotte...
by yayaa September 23, 2010
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