Charlotte: (v) The action of excreting invisible fluids on a Noun (person place or thing) when excited and or in peril. (B) A practice or state of dominance in which a person loud speaks the verb and then proceeds to touch anything and everything in sight. Very offending in lower-class facilities, though highly accepted as a normal practice in highschools. Often used with the suffix -ing- or -ed-
Fark! I have just been charlotted on.

No! Stop charlotting on me, go charlotte somewhere else you Charlotter.
by Master Cylinder June 07, 2005
someone who puts tissue or other objects down her top
ha, look at that charlotte, those aren't real, probably a set of potatoes
by mr.stabby May 05, 2006
stalkerrrrrrr .

trys to be bffs with everyone when no one likes herr .
also shee suckss at sports .
Charlotte: HI GUYS!

Mackenzie: shitt leave me alone .
by mee . November 13, 2009

1. a slang term for a 'cam whore'.

2. someone who puts tissue or other objects down her top

"oh hott damn look at that charlotte on line!"
"oh hell yeah that girl got all kinds of stuff down her top!"
by unicorn***FAIRY***unicorn April 13, 2009
When two people lie in the head-to-toe position (also known as 69) and chew on each other's pubic hair.

If the hair is long enough, and the two are experienced enough they will then braid the chewed off hair, preferably together with their tongues.
"My Girlfriend and I totally pwned that Charlotte trick."

"Lollers. My Boyfriend has had so much experience with that Charlotte, he made the whole braid himself!"
by Dhivenpal476 December 05, 2007
Bitchy, ugly, spotty, jealous. 'Wannabe', 'copy-cat', beg friend.
She's so rude, and she's an extreme racist. She doesn't have any close friends, she just hangs around with anybody. Nobody really likes her, she's violent and annoying.
OMG, you see that girl ? She's such a Charlotte. Look at her hair, she's so copying that other girl.
by NerdLove505 August 24, 2009
the most stuning face ever. he face is so nice it can make a manbear pig puke up its own cow. althow her face may be nice he butt is so hairy it has watermelons growing iside it.
persone #1: i hooked up with a charlotte last night
persone #2: did you check for watermelons in her butt
persone #1: noway i was to busy sexing her up
by Mme Chow April 20, 2008
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