Charlotte is the most beautiful and most perfect girl in the universe. I know she doesn't believe me when I tell her that, but she truly is. Not only is she my girlfriend, but she's my best friend and I love her with all my heart. Anyone who has her in their life don't know how lucky they are. And, I honesntly can't wait to do all the things that I want to do with her... If that makes sense? I don't know. She's the most lovely and caring person I know. Even if you aren't on speaking terms with her, she'll still be there for you cause that's the kind of person she is. She's my cherry, and I'm so glad I met her. I hope one day you will really believe me when I tell you how beautiful you are and gorgeous you are. You take my breath away whenever I talk to you. You make me the most happiest boy in the world. And yeah okay this is cheesy but honestly Idgaf. No words can't explain how amazing you are... and how much you mean to me. That's all I want to say. I love you. :3
by Charlie-Pizzaisminebitch November 25, 2012
A whore who sleeps around a lot. She is known for her innocence and kindness at first, but then she'll back stab you and sleep with your best friend. She may seem pretty and nice, but she's probably the biggest whore ever. Never trust her, she's a good for nothing slut.
Charlotte is a whore. Charlotte slept with my best friend.
by Ykog December 14, 2014
Banks (Bank of America and Wachovia), and NASCAR. The South Side and the far north side by Lake Norman are well off while the west and east side are on the decline. Downtown is parking lots surrounding a few good clubs and some architecture.

No one is from Charlotte, everyone is from New Jersey and New York.
Charlotte's south side is rich whilest the west side is poor.
by southsidecharlotte September 03, 2006
a girl similar to a tree.
'damn look at that walking tree!!'
'ooo she must be a charlotte'
by imagirl69 October 22, 2011
A Slag, Who draws her eyebrows on really badly! All the ugly guys love her and all the good looking ones think she's buzzing. She thinks she got nice boobs and a nice ass but really both are saggy. She usually has a sidekick! She also has many jumpers usually yellow or orange and very tight skirts which are up her un-round bum!
Charlotte: Hey Boy (Sticks Bum Out)

Boy 1: Oh god, look it's a Charlotte.

Boy: Err, she's really ugly, look at those eyebrows!

Boy 1: Run!!!!!!!
by Hater9942 January 23, 2014
A mythical Malyalam blood thirsty dog who was trained by an evil witch to slay all those who have kindness in their hearts. Charlottes were known to take various forms, be that of a rat or a human. Accompanied by their side kick monkey, they set out to destroy others who refused to become as selfish and evil as them. They first appear to be innocent and kind, that is their initial mode of attack! They are known to be very unhygienic and will impose various illnesses and diseases upon you to enforce a slow, painful and terrible death. They will try to infect you with their monthly bleeding and faecal matter. The only way to defeat a charlotte is through standing up to them but showing kindness and determination and most of all by avoiding them.
"No Charlotte! You can hurt me no longer! I will not fall prey to you!"
Charlotte- "Oh my, you naughty boy! I will grind you now MUHAHAHA"
by theinnocentkid June 07, 2013
1. A sorter, small, shy girl, who is very beautiful and all the boys chase after. Book-smart, but mean to other girls (particularly ones seen as competition). Very popular, straight A's, everyone likes her.

2. A tall, outgoing girl who is somewhat pretty, wildly creative, and all the boys chase after. Book- smart, but mean to other girls (particularly ones seen as competition). Very popular, but no one really likes her.
1. Hey Charlotte!
2. Ugh... there goes Charlotte....
by Mountains April 06, 2010
A girl who is usually a bitch and try's to make herself seem better then everyone else. Usually single because she leads on many guys she tends to be called names like slut and whore. If confronted by a Charlotte bitch slap her while you have a chance and keep that major hoe away from your man.
person 1: omg is that charlotte!!!

Person 2: I hate that girl she is such a bitch
by bossassbitch17 December 03, 2013

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