One of the best friends you could ever have! She's loyal, beautiful, caring, kind and always knows what to say to cheer you up. No matter what happens, she'll be there for you. She's a geek that doesn't check her scores on anything until the end of the year because she panics when she goes to. She's super cute and loves to have fun with her friends and they all love her to bit, her and her cute teddies!
3rd floor resident (1): "Who's the nicest person on third floor?"
3rd floor resident (2): "Definitely Charlotte."
by ToyStory May 23, 2012
A person who is a fantastic friend,Beautiful,loyal,understanding,trustworthy,caring,loyal and good with advice.Always there for her friends at anytime. Great fun to hang out with slightly crazy but her friends love her, Shes daring and adventurous which also adds to her wonderful personality. She has a great sense of humour too.
Charlotte is my bestfriend
by AmyRobyn2202 August 04, 2011
Charlotte Are Peoplee Who Are Happy And Bubbley . I Know About 15 Charlottes And At Least 5 Of Them Are Mean , Others I Love To Peices . Some Charlottes Get Very Emotional But It Is Always Easy To Make Them Hapy Agian . A Charlotte Will Always Been There For You , Whtever You Have Done . They Are Funny And They Enjoy A Good Laugh There Self . You Got To Love A Charlotte , If Not Your Very Werid .
by ILoveYou12345678910 March 05, 2011
as a girl's name is pronounced SHAR-let. It is mainly of french origin but also of Old German origin, the meaning of Charlotte is "free man". A spider in charlottes web. Popular in england from queen charlotte. Means "little". A royal name. The definition of ‘The best friend you could ever have.’ Charlottes are loyal, caring, funny and so incredibly smart. They always know how to make you laugh, cheer you up, and give you the best advice
Charlotte, i want to date you
by gittface May 22, 2011
A girl who is quite shy around new people until you get to know her then you'll think she is crazy. Usually likes people who won't/don't like her back. Has some great friends and is quite smart. Will help people if they are nice and loves art.
Look at that girls art, definitely a Charlotte.
by RealDefinitionsforNames July 18, 2013
The most boring city in the whole world. Many think it is a great place to live, and grow. But in reality, it isn't. If I were older, I'd move out of here immediately. The city is plain and is starting to kick out the arts for sports and arenas. Chalotte is burning it's money to add stupid things, instead of things that would otherwise make the city grow. On the bright side, some of the scenery is very pretty, and the city buildings seem to tower over everything. You can't see the stars though because of light pollution, but you can kind of see them. And that is a lot better than most places. Sometimes you can feel the air of home here, but I wouldn't suggest moving here to raise a family. This is more of a move in move out town. People leave and people move in a lot. Though there are some people that have lived their whole lives here. And the traffic is truely horrible. But when you dig deep, you can find the beauty in this city.
"Let's not go to charlotte."
by Well then, yeah November 10, 2007
cool sexy hot thebest nice beatiful friend lottie lotty charlie lot nickname name girl lover england perfection
i love charlotte because she is a babe and she is awsome cute and amazing !!!!
by lotlou99 February 22, 2011
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