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A once-booming town whose prosperity ended in the 1940s. Was also once a Ku Klux Klan center in Michigan, but is now a hicktown with lots of scary Wal-Mart people. Close to the capital, Lansing, but separated by a tiny town called Potterville. Home of the stupid school board that replaces their awesome looking logo with a shitty ripoff of the Seahawks, and has every Friday the 13th off. The superintendent of the school district is a gnome in disguise. Highly clique-y. Church on virtually every street corner. High school mascot is the Oriole, despite the lack of orioles in Charlotte.

Population: About 10,000.

**Pronounced "Shar-LOT", not "SHAR-lit".**
Dude, don't go to Charlotte, Michigan. You'll never get out.
by ReluctantResident January 31, 2010
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