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Slang for a native of india
"oye, charlie brown; bring me some curry"
by charlie browning March 10, 2008
The act of giving or receiving anal sex.
Because she was on the rag, my girl let me charlie brown her.

I can barely walk today because Todd and I did the Charlie Brown last night.
by GeniusOne June 24, 2007
A name given to a person that's cock blocking. Charlie Brown- initials are C.B. which is the same as a Cock Blocker.
I was trying to holla at this female but her friend was a complete Charlie Brown.
by MidKnight0286 August 28, 2005
A sexual action. When your fucking this cheap hoe in the ass really good, then she shit diariea all over your dick, then as pay back, you shove your shit covered cock in her mouth, causing her to throw up, than you say "How you like that Charlie Brown, BITCH!"
Guy: *shoves shit cover dick in sluts mouth* "How you like that Charlie Brown, BITCH!"

Slutty Ass Bitch: MMMmmMmmMMmmmmmmmm......*throws up*
by The Alabama Kid June 14, 2008
a legend usually referred to as cb
"classic cb i.e Charlie Brown" - the gaffer
by sebastian-lot April 23, 2006
when you shit in someones mouth and or diarreha in there face while asleep
"JJ charlie browned the shit out of Tommy"
by Jeremy Romanelli October 04, 2006
A dumb person who continues to act like a fool despite being heckled by various people.
'Look at that fucking Charlie Brown over there! Oi! Charlie!'
by Steevee Bee July 28, 2005